God is in Control — and I’m Glad! | Avalon Church

“But why, mom?” 

“Because I am your mother and I said so.”

Bet you remember conversations like that, don’t you? I definitely do. Something had happened or was happening or was about to happen that I did not understand or agree with – and I was looking for answers from the one in charge.

Frequently mom explained things to me (which, interestingly, didn’t always get me to be quiet); but more often than I liked, I heard the response above. When mom said that, she wasn’t angry or being mean (well, most of the time); actually, the truth is she loved me very much but was fully aware that I could not (or would not) understand and embrace the bigger picture she already possessed. However, I still didn’t like it and sometimes my adolescent mind harbored some unkind thoughts that occasionally became words. Ugh.

Clearly, God is not my mom – but because He is the one ultimately in charge (Sovereign is the word of the week), I end up asking Him the same question – “Why?” Sometimes He helps me understand the “why’s” of life – however, most of the time He simply reminds me that He is in charge and in control, having thoughts that are way higher than my thoughts and an awareness of the big picture that I will never have.

Regrettably, I don’t always like that answer and have been known to get upset or start questioning Him when He doesn’t explain or justify Himself. Thankfully, in those secret seasons of discontent He consistently reminds me that as the Sovereign God, who can do anything He wants with His creation, He chose to send His Son to fix the horrible mess I had created. He had every right to destroy me, yet He chose to rescue me. Okay, Lord, I’ll shut up now.

Last Sunday Pastor Dale shared a message entitled, “God Is In Control.”  The message is worth listening to, the following verses worth reading:

  • Psalm 115:3 – God does what pleases Him
  • Isaiah 46:10 – His purposes do not change
  • Job 42:2 and Daniel 4:35 – No one can arm wrestle with God and win
  • Ephesians 1:9-10 – God has the “big picture”
  • Psalm 73 – The Psalmist complains and asks, “Why?” – God does not explain Himself or answer the writer’s questions –  but the Lord does tell him what he needs to know about living in this world
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