Brad Bright to share this Sunday | Avalon Church

“It’s All in Who You Know” has been our emphasis for the last eight Sundays at Avalon Church. Each of Pastor Dale’s messages has been about one of the attributes and characteristics of God.

This Sunday, April 27, we have invited a special guest, Brad Bright, a man who is uniquely qualified to “bring it all together” as we conclude this teaching series.

Brad Bright openly shares his candid and compelling experiences, spanning his early days in national politics to his more recent experiences in ministry. Persuasively showing how a flawed view of God is the pivotal issue underlying every problem we face both as individuals and as a culture, he presents a simple but profound strategy for change.

The son of Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, Brad has been heavily influenced by his father’s statement, “We can trace all our human problems to our view of God.” As Brad often says, “If my dad was right, then the solution is obvious!”

A student of rhetoric, Brad has people come up to him after he speaks to say, “I’ve always believed that but I just never knew how to express it—until today.” Brad’s goal is always two-fold whenever he speaks:

• First is to help individuals better understand who God really is and why it matters—so that they can pass it on.
• Second is to help equip laypeople to make God the issue in unexpected and effective ways that will engage and reshape their culture around them.

He is the author of GOD is the Issue. In it he hammers the bottom line issue: It is our view of God which inevitably shapes who we are both as individuals and as a culture. Our broken view of God is the Cause. Abortion, divorce, abuse, same-sex-marriage, greed, pornography, drug addiction, corruption and out-of-control government spending are the Symptoms. Any real solution must effectively address the Cause.

In preparation for this special message, let me encourage you to pull out your sermon notes from the last eight weeks and review the verses associated with each of the attributes of God we discussed. Haven’t got those notes? That’s okay. This might be a good week to pray and ask the Lord to bless Brad and prepare you to receive a view of God that is based on truth.

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