I want ideal but I think I am stuck with the real | Avalon Church

Just imagine:

• It is always sunny, about 76 degrees with a mild breeze.
• There is always enough money in the bank.
• Friends and family are always happy with what you say and do.
• The Georgia Bulldogs win every football game they play.

Sounds like an ideal world, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great to live in an ideal world? Regrettably, the last time the world was ideal was in the Garden of Eden.

Okay, let’s lower our global expectation a little. Wouldn’t it be great to have an ideal family? No arguing or yelling; only kind and uplifting words; a peaceful home where each fulfills their own responsibilities and also assists the others; the children are respectful and obedient; everyone knows they are loved and actually experience it.

Regrettably, the last time there was an ideal human family was also the Garden of Eden.

So if the world and the people in it have been messed up for so long, why are there so many words in the Bible that at least imply, if not actually command Christians to pursue the illusive ideal family? And what do we do when, no matter how hard we try to be obedient, our real family is still a mess?

This question and many others will be part of Pastor Dales new sermon series – “The Ideal Family – and How to Deal with my Real Family.”

In preparation for the introductory message in this series, let me encourage you to read the following verses:

• Ephesians 4:29-5:2 – some thoughts about how to get along in any relationship
• Ephesians 5:21-33 – the ideal marriage
• Ephesians 6:1-4 – the ideal family
• Romans 7:16 – the way we tend to do life
• Romans 8:1 – the reason to keep trying

“We are aspiring for Strong Families that are equipped and nurtured to pass on the legacy of faith, biblical truth, knowledge and wisdom from generation to generation.” (an Avalon Church Value)

Pastor Jim

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