I can only imagine | Avalon Church

Imagine a city that once thrived, but where now there are more abandoned buildings than occupied buildings, where unemployment is near the highest in the country, where it is unsafe for children to play in their own front yard.
This city is Detroit.

Imagine living in a city where there is little hope of finding a job, buying groceries at a local market, getting an education for your children, or hearing about a God who loves you – because many of the church building are also empty and abandoned.
This city is Detroit.

Imagine living in a city that was once proudly bore the title “The Motor City” and represented the best of America — but now is in shambles as if it had been mercilessly bombed in a war. Once a city with an eye on the future, the people here now have little hope.
This city is Detroit.

Now imagine a ministry taking possession of one of those abandoned buildings right in the middle of the destitution and turning it into a vibrant location where the desperate people of Detroit can find hope and experience the love of God.
This is the Hope Center in Detroit.

Join us this September in Detroit as part of the “Revival of Detroit” mission team to do building restoration, children’s ministry and outreach – to bring hope where there has been none.
This is the “Revival of Detroit” mission trip on September 16-20.

Registration begins this Sunday, June 22 in the lobby.

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