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Jesus had just healed a leper. This insidious, degrading and highly communicable disease pushed those with leprosy to the trash heap of society. But this one brave leper had ventured near Jesus, proclaiming with extraordinary faith, “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.” In that moment, Jesus did the unthinkable – full of compassion, and in response to the man’s faith, He reached out, touched the man and healed him.

Not long after that, four men carried a paralyzed friend to an overcrowded house where Jesus was teaching in pursuit of healing for their friend. Unable to get near Jesus through the door, they lowered the crippled man through the roof they had just disassembled (talk about a grand entrance!). Jesus saw their faith, and proceeded to do some pretty incredible things for their friend.

Leprosy was a devastating physical disease – but more than just a disease of the body, it served to illustrate the corruption and defilement of sin. In similar fashion, the paralytic was in need of physical healing. However, his palsy was a picture of the paralysis that sin produces in life and Jesus would do more than heal the man; He would also forgive his sins and teach the crowd a lesson in forgiveness.

The healing in the house was immediate and the people glorified God. But even more than receiving healing, the man experienced forgiveness and the start of a whole new life – he had been “Transformed from the Inside Out.”

While the interaction between Jesus and the paralytic was very personal and deeply compassionate, Jesus used him as an “object lesson” to teach spiritually blind people what God could do for them if they would only believe in His Son.

In preparation for the time of study this Sunday, let me encourage you to read the following verses:

  • Luke 12:12-16 – one man’s faith helped him overcome his fears and guilt so the impossible could happen in his life
  • Luke 5:17-26 – Jesus gives a man what he really needs, not just what he wants

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