This week is all about the children | Avalon Church

This is a photo of a young man, intently listening to an important message about Jesus.

VBS 3- small

And he is surrounded by manyother children doing the exact same thing.

This continues to be the focus of our week of Vacation Bible School – teaching these precious youngsters about the good news of Jesus while they sit down or dance or run or cheer or sing! God’s truth is imbedded in every activity of the day.

This Sunday we will continue our week-long emphasis on children. Many of our VBS kids will be singing to begin our services, to give us a taste of their exciting week. Then Pastor Charlie Hubbard is going to share a message about how to imbed God’s truth in every activity of a child’s life, whether at church or at home.

I am really enjoying my new friendship with Charlie. He is sort of a balding version of me. But he loves the Lord deeply and has demonstrated his passion for children and young people through many years of children and youth ministry, as well as serving as the chaplain at a large Christian school. He will bring some insights from God’s Word that you will want to hear.

In preparation for our time of study this Sunday, let me encourage you to read the following verses:

• Deuteronomy 6 – this chapter is full of information about children
o What to teach them
o When to teach them
o How to answer their questions
o The significance of being a model – and the temptation to not be one
o The part God plays in all of it

Come help us wrap up a wonderful week of Vacation Bible School. See ya Sunday!

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