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Seen on Facebook:

Matthew the Tax Dude
Just got a Friend request from Jesus of Nazareth. Anybody out there heard of this guy? He seems to have quite the reputation. Maybe too good to be true?

Four comments:

Nathanael the Critic
I got a Friend request, too. My first comment was, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” But then Jesus sent me a Message letting me know that before He had ever met me, He had seen me sitting under a fig tree. I was pretty impressed so I accepted His request.

Crude Peter
I had this strange experience, too. My brother Andrew, who is always off listening to crazy preachers like that John the Baptist guy, comes excitedly to tell me he has found the Messiah. Sure, Andrew. But to make him happy, I wander off to meet “the Messiah” and the first thing Jesus did was change my name from Simon to Peter. What the hey?! But He got my attention and I accepted His request, too.

Thundering John
Got you all topped. My brother James and I were helping Dad get ready for another day of fishing and Jesus just walks right up, looks us in the eye and says, “Come, follow Me.” Weirdest thing – without a moment’s hesitation, we just stood up, left the boat and our father, and followed him.

Matthew the Tax Dude
Thanks, guys. I will accept His request, too. Just to be sure, though, I think I will invite Him over for dinner and see what He says. That’ll be the real test for me.

Pastor Dale will continue the “Status” series this Sunday as we look together at the strange, almost unsavory men Jesus chose to be His disciples. What did He see in them?

In preparation for our time of study this Sunday, let me encourage you to read the following verses which all relate to the calling of the disciples:

Matthew 4:18-22
Matthew 9:9-12
Mark 1:16-20
John 1:35-51
Ephesians 2:4-10 – just a quick review of how Jesus saw these men – and us!

We will be sharing the Lord’s Supper together this Sunday. It is an incredible thing that He would invite us to dine with Him.

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