It is a sad thing to be shivering in a ditch alone | Avalon Church

“One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do” (Three Dog Night, 1969)

“Two are better than one…” (Solomon, 10th Century B.C.)

Are you sensing a theme here? From the rock music hit dating back to my freshman year in college (go ahead, do the math), all the way back to words from the man to whom was given the gift of almost endless wisdom, the message is the same – mankind was never intended to do life alone – and the attempt to do so can be frustrating and miserable. The rest of the passage from Ecclesiastes (4:9-12) is worth reviewing:

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

Pastor Dale will continue the “Status” sermon series this Sunday with a message about a man – a paralyzed man who was healed by Jesus – but only because he was part of an intimate small group of friends who had faith and the determination necessary to rescue the crippled man from the place he was stuck. Jesus commended these friends who had figured out that they needed to work together in their common mission. Two (or more) really were better than one for the paralyzed man!

At Avalon Church it is Life Groups that provide the “two is better than one” component of a successful spiritual journey. Once again this Sunday there will be an emphasis on being part of a Life Group during the church wide Bible study beginning September 7. If you have “fallen down,” you will discover other believers who will help you up. Or perhaps you might be the very person God has selected to help another to their feet.

In preparation for our time of study this Sunday, let me encourage you to read the following verses:

  • Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 – it is a sad thing to be shivering in a ditch alone
  • Luke 5:17-26 – the story of a man who was sure glad he was part of a Life Group

Last evening I met with one of my two Life Groups. They encourage me (they actually laugh at my jokes), challenge me, and allow me to walk with them on the journey. It is a joy and I would not trade my Tuesday nights for the world.

P.S. There will be Life Group forms in the bulletin again this Sunday; or you can go to the church website ( to request assistance in finding a Life Group.

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