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“Come, follow me…”

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Yet we have discovered over the last three weeks that those three words are some of the most intense and profound ever spoken. “Come follow me” could be perceived as an invitation to join Jesus for a pleasant walk through a meadow. Instead we have found it more to be like a Marine Corps recruiting slogan: “Come follow me – I am looking for a few good men!”

Here is what we have learned so far about what it takes to be one of the “few good men,” a disciple of Jesus?

  • A disciple spends time with Jesus – discipleship is on-the-job training so I need to be with Jesus as much as I can
  • A disciple loves Jesus above everyone and everything – Jesus becomes the “one and only” and from that priority come all other priorities
  • A disciple loves every other disciple – spiritual growth happens in community with “them”
  • A disciple always does what Jesus says to do – even when it does not make “rational” sense – which it won’t a good portion of the time

There is more and Pastor Dale is going to share two additional elements of being a disciple of Jesus this Sunday. In preparation for our time of study, let me encourage you to read the following verses and see if you can figure out what those elements are:

  • Matthew 18:1-4
  • Mark 9:33-35
  • Luke 9:46-48
  • Matthew 4:18-20

What if you were about to go into your house after a long day at work and you saw Jesus walking down the street towards your neighbor who never cuts their lawn or rarely picks up their empty garbage can from the street on trash day – and He turned and said, “Come, follow me.” Any idea what you would do?

Pastor Jim


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