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Wow, it is December 30th. Two days from now it will be 2015. I imagine tomorrow many folks will be making their New Year resolutions – which means the local gyms will be packed for the next few weeks.

Seriously, it is probably well worth the time to reflect on how we did life in 2014, making note not only of the highlights and victories (things we want to do again) but also the areas of our weakness or even failures (things we want to do or do better in 2015). The resolutions we make after this time of reflection could go a long way in making 2015 a better year.

Next Sunday, the first of 2015, Pastor Dale is going to take this a step further. Instead of just a “better” year, he is going to bring a message entitled, “What You Need to Know to Make 2015 Your Greatest Year Ever” (he’ll probably shorten that title, eh?).

Pastor has gone to the ultimate authority on this topic – Jesus – and has two very concise principles to share. Let me provide the focus verses and let’s see if you can identify the keys to having the greatest year ever:

  • Matthew 20:20-28
  • Acts 20:32-35

I am so excited to begin 2015 by worshipping with you!

Happy New Year!

Pastor Jim

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