Will you get in the wheelbarrow? | Avalon Church

“Do you believe I am able to do this?”

Jesus speaks these words to two blind men who have called out to him for mercy (Matthew 9:28). We might be quick to think that, of course, these men believed Jesus could heal them; otherwise they would not have called out. However, let me suggest two other possible aspects of this situation.

First, the blind men had obviously heard about Jesus and what He had been doing in the area. While they had not been able to observe these miracles themselves, the stories were apparently compelling enough to bring them to some level of faith in Jesus; hence the manner in which they addressed Him as “Son of David.” Their declaration indicates that they believed in Jesus; Jesus wanted to know if they would believe Him when He spoke words of healing.

Second, having heard all the incredible things Jesus had done for people in the region, the blind men were very excited at the proximity of Jesus. There had been so many others healed, perhaps He would heal them. I think the question Jesus asks could be paraphrased like this: “You believe I have healed others; but do you really believe that I will heal you?”

Let me explain with an illustration I heard years ago in an evangelism class. Seems there was a man who was thrilling audiences with his performances on a tightrope stretched across a deep canyon. People were coming from miles around to see this man. His presentation was a series of questions? “Do you believe I can walk across this rope?” “Yes,” the crowd would cheer; and so he would. “Do you believe I can traverse this rope in a blindfold?” Again, the crowd would yell a loud, “Yes!” And so he would. “Do you believe I can push a wheelbarrow across the canyon blindfolded?” “Yes, yes!” the crowd declared; and so he did. Finally, at the climax of his act he asked, “Do you believe I can cross the rope blindfolded, pushing a wheelbarrow with a person in it?” The assembled crowd responded in almost one voice, “Oh, yes, we think you can do it!” With blindfold in place and wheelbarrow in hand, the man quietly said, “Then someone get in.”

Many of us believe in Jesus and have placed our faith in Him for salvation; and we even believe that He is capable and actually does amazing things in the lives of others. But sometimes we falter in the midst of life when Jesus looks us in the eyes and asks, “But do you believe I am able to do this for you?”

You are a Christian – you believe in Jesus and His sacrifice for you, which assures you of an unimaginable life with Him after you leave this earth. But do you believe Jesus when He tells you that you can do all things through Him – right now, in this life?

The turning point in an effective ministry session often comes when Jesus asks the person to “get in the wheelbarrow,” so to speak and they must decide if Jesus is the God of today, of the moment in which they sit. Sometimes the answer can literally decide whether they choose to live or to die.

“Do you believe I am able to do this?”


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