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William Jones, captain of Marines on the Providence (a 28-gun frigate), then at Boston, advertised in the March 20, 1779 Providence (Rhode Island) Gazette the need for “a few good Men” to engage in “a short Cruize” and gave the Marine Corps a recruiting slogan it would be using two hundred years later.

Jesus needed “a few good men.” He did not need many; twelve would actually do – as long as they were just the right men. Interestingly, few, if any, of them are individuals we would have selected. Even a Marine Corp recruiter might have been hard pressed to call this group “a few good men.” However, Jesus knew exactly who He wanted and His enlistment technique would rock any modern day recruiter; He simply said, “Come” – and they came.

This Sunday we will watch as Jesus invites the first of His disciples to follow Him. Pastor Dale will help us explore four encounters that result in five disciples. Totally different interactions with very diverse individuals. But they all have one thing in common – Jesus saw them, Jesus called them, and they had to choose how to respond.

In preparation for our time of study this Sunday, let me encourage you to read the following verses:

  • John 1:35-51 – Jesus looks for “a few good men”
  • Matthew 4:18-22
  • Mark 1:16-20
  • Luke 5:2-11

I look forward to being with you this Sunday for prayer, praise, worship and study.

Pastor Jim

P.S. Speaking of a few good men – you should know how well Dominic Mashburn, Arthur Goncalves and Ross Fengfish represented Jesus Christ and Avalon Church this week. Each stepped up to the plate, on very short notice, in an extraordinary way Monday and Tuesday to provide everything needed for my personal dear friends, John and Celia Fletcher, as we celebrated the life of their daughter Jaclyn, whose precious life ended way too early.

My thanks also to the Spanish Life Group who allowed me to move their meeting to the nursery to provide a room large enough to minister to the family (over 55 people) during the viewing time.

This week, all of those above lived out the prayer below:

“Lord, if you want to use me in any way today, I am available.”

 Love God – Love Neighbor – Lead Others

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