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Life is about choices.

Every day, moment by moment, we are faced with choices; and what we decide in those moments makes all the difference. In fact, God labels those choices as “life and death,” then encourages us to “choose life.” (Deuteronomy 30:19)

We live in a culture that tends to focus on what we don’t have, so much so that we often are totally blind to what we do have. Often we are like a child holding a quarter so close to his eye that it blocks out the sun and then coming to the conclusion that the quarter is actually bigger than the sun. Not true at all but it can sure seem that way.

These are daily choices. Will we choose to give all our attention and energy to what seems to be missing or lacking (death)? Or will we choose to step back, see the bigger picture and become aware of all we have (life)?

I gave a challenge, a homework assignment if you will, to a client this week. I asked her to spend the next week, from her appointment until our next session, intentionally ignoring what she does not have (she is already completely aware of that) and instead, focusing (and recording) what she does have. I think she is going to be surprised.

Perhaps you would be, too, if you made the same choice this week … because life is all about choices.

Pastor Jim

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