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John 9

The 9th chapter of John can be quite humorous!

It’s the story of Jesus giving sight to a man who has been blind since birth, but if you look closely at the passage, you’ll notice that everyone but the blind man is unable to see.

The disciples are blind. There are some things they can’t see. The man’s parents are blind. The Pharisees are certainly blind. The crowd is blind spiritually. Spiritually, they’re all as blind as a bat. They can’t see a thing. The only person in the whole chapter who can see is the guy who’s been blind from birth. He can see spiritually. You’ve got to think that John, as the Holy Spirit was inspiring this and he was writing it all down, had to be smiling at how they couldn’t see what this man could see.

It’s a great chapter to look at if you want to learn to see spiritually.

The Purpose of this miracle:

to show us how God can enable us to see – spiritually.

Two questions that are answered through a careful look at this passage:

  • What keeps us from seeing – spiritually?
  • What enables us to see – spiritually?

This Sunday’s message will build on the truths and principles John and Arthur have shared with us the past two weeks. If you’re serious about your relationship and experience with Jesus, you will want to be in your place Sunday morning.

I’ve missed you church! Can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

Pastor Dale

“Lord, if you want to use me in any way today, I am available.”

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