This is true in marriage

It’s true in your career or job

It’s true in finances

Children experience this in their home

And… the same thing is true spiritually!


Of course, I’m not talking about a freedom to do anything you desire: things like living outside boundaries, breaking the law, being selfish and self centered, etc. Instead, this is a freedom to be true to yourself, to be transparent and honest; a freedom to love, care, serve; a freedom to worship and experience God’s presence without guilt or regret.

All people have the basic need of feeling secure. I believe this is especially true with children. Kids need to grow up in a family where their parents love one another. Home should be where the children feel safe and are assured that their parents will love them no matter what.

The same is true spiritually. God wants His children to know that He loves and accepts them, not because of what they do or don’t do, but because of what Jesus did on their behalf.

This Sunday as we gather together, we will study John 10:14-42. A.W. Pink (renowned 19th century pastor) says, “No stronger passage in all the Word of God can be found guaranteeing the absolute security of every child of God.”

I want to encourage you to become familiar with this text before Sunday and be in your place Sunday morning anticipating a fresh experience with the living God of the universe!!

Love you church!

Pastor Dale

“Lord, if you want to use me in any way today, I am available.”

Love God – Love Neighbor – Lead Others