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John 11:28-37

Every week I meet in my office with those who are going through a difficult time. It could be anything from relationship issues to the loss of a loved one. They are hurting, frustrated, disillusioned, asking questions that seem to have no answers. But as I shared last Sunday, there is no need we experience that the Bible doesn’t address in at least one of the thousands of promises His Word offers.

If we’ve learned anything from the Gospel of John, it’s that Jesus gravitates toward those who are hurting, needy, and seeking answers. Physical needs, emotional needs, relational needs, they’re all addressed by meeting spiritual needs. We’ll see that clearly in our study of John, chapter 11. 

This will be a perfect study to incorporate with our observance of the Lord’s Supper. No doubt, this is one of my favorite times of worship with you. Communion is a time of remembrance, repentance, fresh starts, healing, vision and encouragement. This Sunday will be no different.

To prepare for our time together this Sunday, read chapter 11 of John’s Gospel. It’s a story of death and life, of desperation and hope, of mourning and celebration; it’s the story of Jesus!

Praying others are seeing Jesus in you this week. I’m excited about our time together on Sunday.  Love you church!

Pastor Dale

“Lord, if you want to use me in any way today, I am available.”

Love God – Love Neighbor – Lead Others

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