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I own hand shears, trimming shears, a gas-powered commercial bush and shrub trimmer and a chain saw. Believe me I am capable of some awesome pruning!! It strikes fear into the heart of my wife when she asks what I am going to do in the yard today and I respond, “I am going to prune the shrubs and trees.”  Having made that statement I have been known to take our bougainvillea from 20 feet in all directions down to six bare stalks standing naked on the slope of our yard.

And yet it is just such pruning (or a more prudent and reasonable facsimile) that causes the very bushes that suddenly look stark and hopeless to fill out more fully and bear many beautiful blossoms. I prune on purpose with great intention toward a specific goal – to unleash the beauty within those plants.

This Sunday Pastor Dale will present the first of four “core” messages as we begin the church wide Bible study, “Unleashing the Power Within.”  In the “big picture” message last Sunday, Pastor Dale introduced the truth that the Power Within and unleashing that Power involves the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This Sunday we will look at the role of the Father, the Master Gardener.

In preparation for our time of study (and the Life Groups discussions the following week), please read John 15:1-8. Give intentional, in-depth attention to verses 1, 2 & 8 to see what Jesus says about “pruning” and come to church anticipating what the Lord is going to reveal to us about how much He loves us!

Pastor Jim

“Lord, if you want to use me in any way today, I am available.”
Love God – Love Neighbor – Lead Others

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