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I want to thank you for allowing me some time away. I needed it! It was my intention to use this time of rest for visioning and planning for the new year ahead (It’ll be here before you know it!). With this in mind, I asked the Lord to reveal to me His desires, His plans, His mission and purpose for us as a church family in 2016. I was sure I would come back with a clear “A. B. C. 1. 2. 3.” strategy, but that’s not what He had in mind at all. Clearly, He said to me, “this time is not about what I want you to do; it’s about you and Me!”

Jesus just wanted to spend time with me. He wanted us to fellowship together. It’s a matter of priority. Before He can use us, He wants us to know Him, to be with Him, to interact with Him, to enjoy “intimacy” with Him. He wants us to abide with Him! If prayer is a time of communication with God, then I spent a great deal of time in prayer. My eyes weren’t closed, my head wasn’t bowed, nor did I spend a lot of time on my knees, but I prayed a lot!

I read several times John 17, Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. The thing that jumped out at me more than anything else was the relationship, the fellowship, the intimacy, the bond that existed between Jesus and His Father. I wanted that too!

This Sunday, we’ll be talking about prayer. It’s so much more than a spiritual discipline; its real time with the Father, it’s nourishment for the soul, its encouragement and it’s direction. It’s also how the Power within is unleashed!

To prepare for our time of Bible study this Sunday, I encourage you to read the following passage of Scripture:

John 17
Matthew 6:5-13
Luke 11:2-4

Come Sunday anticipating a wonderful time of fellowship with your church family and a real encounter with our Savior and Lord! I can’t wait to see you! I’ve missed you!

Pastor Dale

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