Remember when you first got saved, or when you first really got serious about following Jesus? These are my top ten.

  1. You’re singing in the worship service as loud as you can, and no one else is getting it, and you don’t care.
  2. You become a new person. In fact the old person who you once were is so far away and unrecognizable that you forget what it was like to be him/her.
  3. That one verse in the Bible that you read 1000 times before suddenly pops out and screams to the depths of your soul.
  4. You excitedly tell your friend about this bible verse that spoke to you (see #3) but they look at you like “EH?”
  5. The Holy Spirit is now your new best friend. Literally, you tell Him everything and He tells you everything. 
  6. Life gets incredibly fun and adventurous for you. You step out of your comfort zone and do something really cool that requires faith. You don’t exactly know where this is going, but you’ve got to trust.
  7. Jesus brings some new friends into your life, and they are EXACTLY who you need at EXACTLY the right time.
  8. Your look at your old partying friends and begin to think to yourself, “are they really here for me, or for the partying?”
  9. Those goosebumps.
  10. You freak out because you discover that God wrote a book for you. A WHOLE 66-CHAPTER BOOK!
What is something that’s on your list?
Written By:
Susan Kurtz
220 Youth Counselor