Compass — Finances God’s Way in 2016! | Avalon Church

 Has it every occurred to you that God is really smart?

Of course He is smart about how to keep a vast universe in order
and how to create a plan of salvation for all mankind;
so, doesn’t it make sense that He probably knows what to do with money?
And thankfully for us, He wrote all those His insights in the Bible!

Here’s a great idea — let’s do finances God’s way in 2016!

COMPASS classes start Monday, January 25, 2016

Orientation plus eight class sessions
Class size limited to five (5) couples or twelve (12) students
Materials cost $39 for individuals/$49 for couples
Registration begins Sunday, January 3

Attention Crown/Compass Alumni:
We are praying for and anticipating the need to convene two or three classes
If you would be willing to facilitate a class, please contact Tom Denton

For more information about the course, go click on the below link:

Finances God’s Way

Equipping people to faithfully apply God’s financial principles
so they may know Christ more intimately,
be free to serve Him
and help fulfill the Great Commission

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