“InFellowship is a new software module for our website that will…blah, blah, blah”

Few of you care about new software;
you will gladly leave the number crunching to the computer geeks

 But that is not what this email is about so please let me tell you more

 Sure, there are numbers in our database

But every number has a name
And every name has a story
And every story is important

InFellowship is about people

The Pastors and Elders are excited to introduce InFellowship at Avalon Church because it will provide a secure, encrypted means for you, an important individual in our church, to:

  • Update your own contact information so we can better keep you informed
  • Set your own privacy setting to determine who can see what information
  • Post a picture of yourself in the online directory (accessible only to folks who are already part of Avalon Church) so you and others are more than just a name
  • Find a group(s) in which to be involved – from Life Groups to Bible studies
  • Stay in contact with others in groups you are already part of and keep up with group activities
  • Register online for all events and activities, including paying fees and deposits**
  • Give online using electronic checks, debit and credit cards to various funds**
  • Track your personal or family giving history and print your own statements**

(**when the online giving component goes live at the end of January)

We will be telling you more each week in January in pursuit of a goal to have everyone who attends Avalon Church becoming part of the online family by the end of January.

Don’t want to wait? Excellent! Simply click on the link below and follow the step by step instructions.

Special note: when registering for the first time, please use the email address you find at the bottom of this message – this is the email address we have for you in the database and if you use it, all of the information we have for you will automatically synchronize.  (Otherwise, it will take a day or two for us to figure out who you are.)

In Fellowship at Avalon Church

The sermon series in January is entitled “New and Better.” InFellowship is part of new and better in 2016 as we seek to connect and mobilize the Avalon Church family!

Excited for 2016!

Pastor Jim