Ward Hodges Preaching with Live Video — It Really Is “Super Sunday!” | Avalon Church

Pastor Ward Hodges will be preaching at Avalon Church!
That makes it “Super Sunday!”

(oh, and there’s a football game later, too)

Let me encourage y’all to be in church this Sunday as our good friend, Ward Hodges, provides an update on all that is happening at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Lake Mary and shares an inspiring message from the Bible.

Ward is an exceptional teacher of God’s Word! If you’ve not heard him before you will definitely want to join us this Sunday.

Here’s another thing that makes this Sunday super

Video streaming of our services!

Last Sunday we prayed for Terry Buck’s long recovery at home after her kidney transplant – which made us think of the many Sundays she will miss – and that prompted a little experiment.

Beginning this Sunday, Arthur will put up a post on the Avalon Church Facebook page that will have a link to Periscope to allow someone stuck at home or away on vacation to watch the live service, music and all, on a laptop or desktop computer. And you can watch it again, if you want, for the next three days.

Want to save a step? Download the Periscope app on your mobile device and search for Avalon Church. After you connect once, the app will automatically let you know that there is a live broadcast from Avalon Church.

This is an experiment during the month of February – and we value your feedback. If the comments let us know this is a valuable option, we will continue it.

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