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Did it rain that first Easter morning?

Not that I will ever know, or even need to know. But as I diligently track the weather for the weekend, the forecasters are predicting rain on Easter morning and that has many of us at church making “plan B” preparations. It adds a bunch of busy to an already busy week as we anticipate the largest crowds of the year at church services

Easter (Resurrection Sunday may be an more definitive name) is big in the Christian world – and so it should be. The sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross to pay the penalty for our sins and the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead to prove He had authority even over the consequences of sin is the core of our faith – it is the message of salvation, it is the Gospel.

So we work with great intention and planning to prepare our building and our programs to accommodate those for whom this may the one time of year they are available to hear the Gospel. Special signs, extra services, teams of volunteers, goody bags for the children, and, of course, prayers for sunshine.

Yes, sunshine. After all, don’t we want our Resurrection Sunday to be just like that first one? Jesus, the Son of God, had just risen from the dead! The sun was shining gloriously as the entire city awoke to the reality that provision had been made for their sin and there was hope! Right?

Well, here is the reality of that first Easter. Except for some Roman guards, a group of worried Jewish leaders, a few women and a few more male disciples, that Sunday was no different than any other to the rest of the world. Yes, the Friday of the crucifixion might have gotten some folks attention with the darkness in the middle of the day and all. But that Sunday was just another workday for most. It might even have been raining.

So consider this with me. On a day when it seemed like nothing incredible or earth-shaking was occurring, God orchestrated the greatest miracle of all time as the Holy Spirit raised Jesus Christ from the dead! And who knows, Jesus may have walked out of that tomb into a gentle Jerusalem rain.

Be encouraged! God is often doing his greatest works when it seems like nothing is happening!

Happy Easter. He is risen – He is risen, indeed!

Pastor Jim

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