My favorite narrative in the book of  Acts is of Philip the evangelist and the Ethiopian eunuch. The narrative plays out the essentials of evangelism, both in the time set in Acts and also perfectly relevant today. We can learn a lot on what to look for, and how to present the gospel when evangelizing through Philip in the text of Acts 8:26-40, after all He was known as Philip the evangelist! We can apply the evangelistic narrative to our current culture. There are 5 ways to effectively evangelize to our current culture based on Acts 8:26-38.

  1. Answering The Call of Christ (Acts 8:26-27) – Philip was called by the Lord and He rose up to the occasion, although He knew He would have to go through the desert place of Gaza to get to Where the Lord called him to, but none the less He “Rose and went”. (Acts 8:27)
  2. Priority of Observation/Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit at all times (Acts 8:28-30) – Philip was seeking the Holy Spirit and paying close attention to His surroundings when He observed a Chariot, He quickly ran to it, and noticed that the Ethiopian eunuch was reading the scriptures.
  3. Power of a question (Acts 8:30-34) – Philip had the boldness to ask an important question that would easily Segway into the presentation of the Gospel, Philip asked “Do you understand what you are reading?” (Acts 8:30)
  4. The Importance of Memorizing the Scriptures (Acts 8:35) – The eunuch as many today did not understand the scriptures, but because Philip mediated on the word He was ready to present the Good News at any time, so Philip proceeded to “Open His mouth” (Acts 8:35) with the Gospel.
  5. Profession of salvation and baptism (Acts 8:36-38) NKJV – Following the obedience of presenting the Gospel Philip entrusted the Holy Spirit to lead the eunuch to profession in Jesus and baptism, But Philip stilled had to ask the important salvation question ” Then Philip said, “If you believe with all your heart, you may.” And he answered and said, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.” ( Acts 8:37 NKJVepared to present the Gospel at all times in one’s life.

These five important steps are still the necessary basics of being prepared to present the Gospel at all times in one’s life.

By: Pastor Arthur Goncalves