Teenagers in this generation face exactly the same challenges as previous generations. Parents, if you went to school in America, you probably faced peer pressure, bullying, physical and mental development, sexual temptations, and uncertainty about your future. Teenagers today face the same exact things, but there is one big difference between how we coped and how they coped: the outlet! This is an article on social media apps that cater to a need that is already there, whether it’s loneliness, fear, or frustration. What I love about this generation is that they truly want to be connected to other people. As parents, we want to encourage our kids to talk about their fears and frustrations, and to point them back to Jesus, the only one who can really satisfy those needs. Parents, taking the time to point your child to Jesus is the most important job you have. Your words carry so much weight when you give them advice, simply because you are the parent, and because your kids will listen to you (even if they roll their eyes now). Let me know what you think!
Written By: Susan Kurtz