It’s like watching paint dry

After an animated time of social sharing, a Lifel Group I facilitate settled in for a study on forgiveness. As I distributed the scripture verses handout, I also placed a small Cinderella figure on a paper plate in the middle of the table. The Bible study was...


“Y llegaron á la aldea á donde iban: y él hizo como que iba más lejos.   Mas ellos le detuvieron por fuerza, diciendo: Quédate con nosotros, porque se hace tarde, y el día ya ha declinado. Entró pues á estarse con ellos.  Y aconteció, que estando sentado con ellos á...
Summer Of  2016

Summer Of 2016

This Summer we will look into the lives of people in the scriptures that had stories that shine, but not without some bumps in the road in the process. This summer we will look into how to write a story that will shine for generations to come!