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It is a tumultuous time in the world and in our nation. Perhaps no more than other time – maybe we are simply more aware of it due to instant and incessant coverage by the media and social media. Whatever the case, it has given rise to various and highly visible movements, such as Black Lives Matter.

I was helping serve a meal to the homeless yesterday when Pastor Skip Fengfish spoke to those who had gathered about the issues of the day. He pretty much said the following:

Black Lives Matter
White Lives Matter
Purple Lives Matter
Gay Lives Matter
Straight Lives Matter
Confused Lives Matter

The list is endless. But they all reflect one common theme: We love ourselves more than we love God and love others

From my own ministry with couples and others in various personal relationships I could add:

Fishing Matters
Making Money Matters
Sex Matters
Being in Control Matters

Pastor Skip summarized by saying there are really only two things that matter: Truth Matters; Love Matters

Jesus is the Truth – and He Matters! If we embraced, longed for, lived out, shared the Truth that God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son to die in our place, we would be radicals. After which, the Love He has poured into our lives could be shared with others. God is Love – and Love Matters.

Jesus made it clear that only two things matter and they both have to do with love: love the Lord your God with every aspect and element of your person; and love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Governments, organizations, socially-conscious churches, even pastoral counselors – none of these are the answer, nor will they ever be able to resolve the issues and behaviors of selfish, self-centered people. Until a person is supernaturally changed by an interaction with Jesus Christ, we remain innately selfish, self-centered beings.

If the folks on my counseling schedule lived out the reality that only two things – Truth and Love – matter, I would be out of a job – and glad for it!

Pastor Jim

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