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We often come in prayer to the Father in Jesus’ name primarily to ask for things — and since He tells us to do that we are confident that He is glad to hear those requests. But I would like to challenge you to take time in prayer to just “be with Jesus”, to cultivate relationship, hopefully intimacy with Him. Let me suggest a model of prayer that has three elements:

“Jesus, help me perceive Your presence.” You live in your body and if you are a believer, the Holy Spirit lives in your body — you could not be any closer to God than that. So you should be able to perceive Him as being present — whatever that experience may uniquely be like for you. And even if you are not a believer yet, Jesus is not far off and wants you to know that. Pray this part then just sit and be available to Him.

“Jesus, please teach me something about Your character.” We only trust someone to the degree we know them — including God. This is a picture of you sitting on a bench with Jesus close by and simply asking Him to tell you something about Himself. Who better to teach you about Jesus than Jesus. Pray this part then just sit and be available to Him.

“Jesus, do You have a gift for me today?” This sounds like asking but it’s really not. Our asking is usually about things we have already determined we want Him to do or provide. This request, however, acknowledges and submits to the reality that He is the giver of all good gifts and that He knows what we need, not just what we want. There are some things only God can give you — and I have no idea what they may be — and it may change each day. Pray this part then just sit and be available to Him. You may even consider holding your hands open palms up as if to actually receive something from Him.

Thank you for your desire to be more like Jesus and your willingness to do this as part of that journey.

Pastor Jim

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