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“Fully Alive!”

What a wonderfully exhilarating concept! The thought of escaping the mundane routines of life and experiencing all that life would appear to offer. It is the stuff television commercials are made of. You’ve seen the images. Select a particular car and you will end up driving in racecar fashion on virtually empty roads next to gorgeous beaches on perfectly sunny days. Or travel to a certain vacation spot; or jump out of a perfectly good airplane; or simply drink a specific soft drink. Each seems to promise a sensation, an experience of being “fully alive” – at least for the moment.

Jesus also wants us to experience “fully alive.” One place He expresses that is in John 10:10 where He tells us, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” He is speaking in the context of how the thieves in life only come to steal and kill and destroy. But He is life and He freely shares of that life with those in relationship with Him.

Interestingly, folks often miss out on the fullness of life because they isolate or shutdown their feelings in an effort to avoid the pain and hurt associated with living. As their hearts have been wounded over the years and there appeared to be no assistance or escape, people will often make the decision to hide their inmost selves behind an internal wall, of sorts, that seems to keep the pain out. Regrettably, these “walls” cannot discriminate between good and bad feelings – they tend to keep ALL feelings at a distance – which means a person may not have to endure so many of the bad feelings but they also miss out on all the wonderful and good feelings connected with healthy relationships. It is not surprising that individuals in this condition will generally complain of not having ever experienced a closeness and connection with Jesus. Sadly, He, too, ends up isolated on the wrong side of the wall.

A few months ago a lady related during a session that Jesus had revealed to her that she had a good heart, the heart He gave her but that she was not living from that heart – and He invited her to live “fully alive” from her heart. That sounded wonderful to her so she made the choice to begin living without her walls.

Suddenly, life exploded with new joys and happiness! But unexpectedly, deep pains also remained and almost intensified. Because she anticipated that she would only experience good things, she came back to Jesus with her questions and concerns. The Lord explained to her that being fully alive would mean awesome joy, laughter, pleasure; but it would indeed also mean feeling the negative things. The difference is that being fully alive in Him means bringing those negative things to Him so He can help with them. Letting Him help allows being fully alive. Hiding allows the thief to steal and kill and destroy.

Pray with us that many people this week will take down their walls and live “fully alive!”

Pastor Jim

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