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Domestication: Process where by animals or plants are changed to benefit humans. (Simple English Wikipedia)

A pretty straightforward definition, one most of us understand, especially if we are pet owners. Wild dogs and feral cats are way different than the pets we have in our homes to provide companionship and comfort.

Dogs and cats born in the wild are, well, wild. They are unpredictable and that scares us. We much prefer our tame little friends that wag their tails and purr when we pet and feed them.

So why the course in zoology? Because in a ministry session last week the above term was used and it sounded like this: “the church in America is domesticated.”

“The Domesticated Church.” Sounds like a title for a book. But I really understood where the woman was coming from. Having served decades on the mission field, where Christianity was wild and unpredictable (you just never knew what the Holy Spirit might do next), her experience with most churches in the United States has been that they are disappointingly tame and highly predictable; which is acceptable and appreciated by humans.

Okay, I am not sure what all this might mean to you; but the Holy Spirit kept saying, “Write it down,” so I did. However, as I reflect on my own life, I think I know the title to the sequel: “The Domesticated Christian.”

Dear Jesus, help us not be tame and predictable; or worse, view your Holy Spirit as being tame and predictable. Surprise me this week, Lord!

Pastor Jim

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