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“I just don’t let it bother me anymore.”

When Jesus told us “in this world we would have trouble,” to a great extent I think He was talking about our interactions with people. Because we live in a sin-polluted world – and often we allow sin to control our own lives – hurtful and painful things are said and done by people, to people. Words that are demeaning, condemning and critical are exchanged, sometimes on a very repetitive and destructive cycle. And equally painful and confusing is the withdrawal, abandonment and silence of disapproval.

It is so very intriguing to me when, having endured years of words (or silence), someone says to me, “I just don’t let it bother me anymore.” This is either a statement of freedom or enslavement.

If the person means all that stuff doesn’t bother them because they have hardened their heart, are being callus in their soul, and are merely protecting themselves from further pain in the only manner they believe effective – then they are enslaved to the deception that they must deaden themselves simply to survive.

However, if they have spent frequent and intimate time with Jesus and they clearly know (and believe!) who Jesus says they already are in Him, the words and actions of wounded and sinful people really don’t matter. They trust Jesus to be their source of their identity and are truly free to not let the activities of others bother them anymore.

Interesting, both people are saying the same words. But the belief on which the statement is made makes all the difference in the world – their world.

Pastor Jim

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