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Here’s another testimony to the truth of Psalm 1. See if you can find the telling elements in this message I was given permission to share:

“I just wanted to drop you a line and again say thank you for listening to my heart’s cry, for praying over me and for me for the Holy Spirit’s direction in the matter I came to you with. Thank you for being a Godly man who isn’t afraid to tell his story to help heal others. At first when I came I was angry, confused and just wanted to vent to someone who hopefully would hear what I had to say about what my husband did to me (mainly to himself) and care that I was wounded without making feel like it was my fault. WE have made great progress, first, because we seek the Word and do what God tells us; second, because we love each other and NOW recognize sin is sin no matter how the world views it great or small; and thirdly because of Godly counsel that didn’t blame either of us but directed us to God’s Word and what He says about marriage and sin. There are days (though I am thankful they are further apart) that Satan tries to make me feel unworthy BUT he isn’t the judge; he tries to condemn me for not being enough BUT he is a liar; its not my fault my husband CHOSE to sin but it affected me greatly. I NOW trust God to mend us, help us when we feel weak, appreciate great men like you and the writers of EVERY MAN’S BATTLE (what an eye opener that was for me!!!). Again, thank you for all you do. I have a friend who needs to see you but she isn’t ready, please pray for her. God Bless!!”

When tempted to “walk in the counsel of the ungodly” (the people and culture surrounding her), she found her life full of overwhelming hurt, self-destructive thinking, despair and hopelessness. Anger, confusion and blaming were her constant companions.

But when she delighted in the Word and words of God, she experienced victory and hope. Of course, to a watching world it makes no sense. And daily life is not without the occasional sneak attack from the enemy. But she is clearly holding fast, like a tree planted by the stream, bearing fruit and not withering.

And yes, dear lady, we are praying for your friend and others like her. Grace to you!

Pastor Jim

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