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“How can this be?”

  • Mary (Luke 1:34)
  • Nicodemus (John 3:9)

“Who is this?”

  • The Jewish Leaders (John 5:12)
  • Simon’s Dinner Guests (Luke 7:49)
  • The Disciples (Mark 4:41)

It is a deep desire for my life that the two questions above will always be on my lips. Why? Because I realize the only reason to ask them is because something extraordinary and unexplainable, something supernatural, is going on around me, for me, or in me. Therefore, the moment I no longer need to ask those questions will also be the moment I am no longer aware of God working in my life or have stopped listening to Him ask me to do incredible, perhaps impossible things.

Even in the arena of pastoral ministry those are the two questions I want people to ask. If folks walk out of a session with a sense that they totally have a handle on their challenges and what to do to resolve them, then they will go off to try to fix things in their own strength and determination – completely oblivious to the fact that Jesus plainly tells them, “Without me, you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

However, the instant a man who is on the edge of divorce acknowledges God’s directive to love (agape) his wife and asks, “How can this be?” I know there is a potential for something pretty amazing to happen – because a man can only agape love his wife by the power of the Holy Spirit. Only with God is this possible.

And when his wife sees a literally miraculous change in her husband’s attitude and behavior and asks, Who is this that even my husband heard His voice and was healed?” then we know for sure it had to be God.

This morning I shared an Advent message at church from John 1:14 where we are told that “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory.” I hope as we walk through the Advent season leading to Christmas that we don’t miss how unexplainable, extraordinary and supernatural that verse is.

Dear God, please let my daily journey be one of “How can this be?” and “Who is this?”

Pastor Jim

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