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Is it me and God – or is it God and me?

While this may appear to be a silly question, it really is worth pondering – for the phrase you select may well determine your fundamental approach to life. You see, the name we list first is very often the one that gets the primary emphasis – and is the one on whom we most depend. Consider the significance of this:

  • If it is me and God I will probably say things like, “God, make me strong in this time of trouble” or, “Lord, help me win this battle” or, “Father, please bless and prosper my plans.”
  • If it is God and me the phrases may change to, “God, I desperately need you in this time of trouble” or, “Lord, the battle is yours so glorify yourself” or, “Father, show me my part in your plans.”

Still confused? Let’s try again:

  • If it is me and God it is primarily about what I want. Granted, what I want may be reasonable, good, even spiritual. But it is still fundamentally what I want. Even the prayer, “Lord, help me be a good Christian” is a request based on what I think a “good” Christian would look and act like, followed by a request that God help me do what I want.
  • If it is God and me it is primarily about what God wants. While I know I have the freedom and invitation to bring my wants and requests to Him, if this phrase drives my life, I will spend a lot more time asking Him what He wants today, where He would lead today, who He would have me interact with today, what He would want me to do today. If I am obedient I may have no idea what each day holds – but I can rest assured it will be good.

One of the couples who came to see me recently is experiencing great turmoil in their marriage. After I finished praying to begin the session the wife looked up at me and said, “As you were praying it really hit me that we need more of God in our home.” I could not have agreed more. So instead of looking at the issues, figuring out better ways to handle them and asking God to bless their efforts, we spent the majority of the session talking about how to listen to God and asking Him what He wanted them each to do to glorify Him and praying for the wisdom and courage to be obedient.

God and me – may this always be the order in our lives.

Pastor Jim

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