Mission Trip to Romania | Avalon Church

A team of 12 missionaries from Avalon Church will be traveling to Romania March 16-24.  This our second Spring Break trip to the gypsy villages, where we will be ministering to their practical needs and sharing the Good News of Jesus.  Many of the items that we’ll need will be purchased in-country, and you can also help us by donating school supplies and craft materials (see list below) that our travelers can take to use with the children in the villages.  We are so excited to see what God will do in and through our people and throughout the gypsy communities.  Please be in prayer for our team while they are gone.  Some of our travelers have not reached their funding goal; if you are interested in financially supporting one of these missionaries, simply click on the link below make an online donation.

School Supplies for Romania
Construction paper (Different colors)      Glue Sticks      Colored Pencils      Colored Crayons
Pencil Sharpeners      Pencils      Pens      Erasers      Scissors      Markers      Rulers      Crafts
Painting watercolors and brushes      Markers and erasers for whiteboard      Coloring Books


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