“Feed my lambs” — Thank you Children’s Ministry Team! | Avalon Church

Most Sunday mornings I have the honor of praying for those who are about to serve in our Children’s Ministry. This last Sunday being Easter, there were two extra full teams of awesome people who allowed me to intercede on their behalf. As we took each other’s hands, I looked into their eyes and thought of the words of Jesus to Peter as recorded in John 21:15: “Feed my lambs.”

Three simple words that summed up the entire mission of those gathered around me. Feed. My. Lambs.

Feed. Many, even most of the folks who came to church yesterday came to be fed. If you had conducted an exit survey after the services and asked folks about their experience that morning, you would have likely heard responses telling of what the worship and message had meant to them or done for them – which is all okay. But the Children’s Ministry teams were poised to give, not get; feed, not be fed. It would have been so much easier to choose worship over work; but they did not.

My. Giving to people we know and like is pretty easy. Teaching a class of children could even be pleasurable – if we got to pick the children. But we were praying Sunday morning for children of all backgrounds from a diverse variety of home environments with varying social, emotional and academic skills, all of who were about to step on the property. The lambs of Jesus were about to arrive.

Lambs. Little people. Innocent, pliable lives still open to the wonder of the story of Jesus who came to earth to rescue them. Seeds of truth planted in these young hearts and minds could change the course of their lives – and perhaps through them, the lives of multitudes in the decades ahead.

I am so thankful for Lisa Hernandez and all the incredible individuals who deny themselves for the sake of our children. You make Jesus smile!

Pastor Jim

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