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The following is an email I received from a woman whose husband had committed adultery. It seemed timely in light of Pastor Don’s message Sunday on the cost of following Jesus. I hope it encourages and blesses you.

Hello Pastor Jim

God bless you! I hope you are well. I cannot express how grateful I am to you for your guidance and counsel during this time. It has certainly been difficult and incredibly painful, but I’ve learned that God uses all of life’s circumstances for the good of those who love Him. Over the past several weeks, I have grown to love God more than ever before and I have become very close to Him. I understand now more than ever what he means when he says that He never leaves us nor forsakes us

In addition, I have learned about myself, as well, because God has used this opportunity to teach me a valuable lesson about His importance in my life. I’ve been praying diligently and reading His Word like never before, Pastor Jim. It’s as if God orchestrated these events to occur during a period when I actually had the free time to seek Him and be around people that would support us and lift us up in prayer.

God has spoken to my heart during this time in ways that I feel Abraham would have been spoken to!!!! Incredible, isn’t it? My faith has been tested and the Lord has asked me to do things that my own flesh refuses to do and cannot do on its own. However, my spirit is filled with hope and grace when I delve into His Word. I sought counsel with the Lord (and a very close friend as well) and all we could find in Scriptures was the message of forgiveness, love, mercy, grace, and second chances.

Because my husband showed a desire to work out the marriage and leave behind whatever was causing us problems, I knew what God would prefer from me as His daughter. I understand that if he were not willing to submit himself to Christ, my circumstances would be quite different. However, that is not my case and so I know what God prefers in my personal situation. I cannot downplay the hurt that this has caused me, of course, but I constantly run to the Lord in prayer whenever I feel my emotions start to get the best of me.

In essence, all I can say we need right now is prayer that God continues to speak to us and work in our lives. When I married, I didn’t make a promise to myself or to my husband, but I made a promise to God about my fidelity to Him. I literally invited Him as my guest of honor and do not want to disappoint Him. If my suffering means that my husband will be saved, then so be it. All I can hope for is that my grace and love are reminders to my husband of His love and grace for him. I want to give back to God what he has given me.

Pray that I can continue to take up my cross as I walk with Christ during this trial. Pray that my husband become a man after God’s own heart, which has always been my prayer. I will keep you in prayer as well as you continue to assist countless numbers of individuals in their struggles and walk with the Lord. Thank you so much Pastor Jim! You will be blessed for all that you do. We will keep you posted!

Pastor Jim

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