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A portion of an email from a wonderful young lady:

God has a way of working that baffles me. I had done some reading and a bit of praying before going to bed last night; then about 4am I woke up and felt like I was supposed to spend some time talking with Him. And what Jesus showed me is absolutely true and I’m not sure anyone else could have told me what He did. Bottom line is He told me that my desire to have everything make sense logically and to be able to reason it out is about not trusting Him. It is a door that I intentionally keep open, a door that provides the enemy a way into my heart, causing the confusion I am feeling. And when I insist that it all make sense in a logical, reasoned way, I am not trusting Him to give me discernment. Not everything has to make sense to me if I am listening to Him. And as He was sharing this truth with me, I knew and felt in a deep way that He loves me and He was not telling me that I was not bad but giving me the light I needed to see the truth. It was very clear that sometimes what He wants or what He does is not going to make sense in a logical, reasoned way but that He will help me know what He wants and I can trust Him for that.”

There once was a young virgin named Mary. One day, as this ordinary girl was going about her normal routine, God showed her His baffling way of working. He sent an angel named Gabriel to tell her that she was going to carry, birth, nurture, and raise the Son of God. Do you think that made sense to her? Was there any logic in this that she could grasp? Did she have it all reasoned out before she agreed to this arrangement? No. To the angel she simply responded, “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said.” (Luke 1:38). And to Elizabeth she exclaimed, “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.” (Luke 1:46-47)

But nowhere in the biblical narrative does she (nor could she) sit and explain what she had figured out about how this all was going to work. Instead her focus was on the most important thing: God had spoken to her and she was going to trust Him and walk with Him in what He had revealed. She chose not to let the enemy interfere with her joy and excitement simply by tricking her into trying to reason it out before she responded.

I have come to understand on this journey of life with the Lord that I will never truly comprehend His ways – and that is okay – because “Not everything has to make sense to me if I am listening to Him.”  Amidst all the hustle and hassle of daily life I am hoping for your hearts to be sensitive. I pray that you will hear Him. His words are simple but life changing: “I love you. Come walk with me.”

Pastor Jim

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