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Truth and Lies

For me, those two words summarize the entire struggle of mankind, on both a global and individual level.

It started in the Garden. Satan asks Eve about life in the paradise. She tells him it is wonderfully incredible. Satan inquires about any limitations or restrictions. Eve explains that the fruit of every tree in the garden is available to them except that of the tree in the middle of it; eat from it and she would die. And Satan simply says, “You will not surely die” and so began the war between truth and lies.

Satan hasn’t let up. Jesus described him as “a liar and the father of lies” and that he had been such from the beginning. It started with him lying to Eve so convincingly that she actually believed the lie and subsequently destroyed the intimate relationship with her Creator.

The devil continues to lie to you and me today. Through a myriad of voices he says things like this:

  • God could never love someone like you
  • Even what Jesus did on the cross cannot atone for what you have done
  • You deserve to be happy at any cost
  • You don’t matter and no one cares about you

Even more sinister, the devil has taught us how to lie to ourselves:

  • There is something horribly wrong with me; no one can love or be with the real me
  • I am worthless and invisible
  • Nothing I do is right; all the bad things happening around me are my fault
  • Jesus loves and takes care of others but not me; I must take care of myself 

Believers are still subject to lies. Even after you have placed your faith and trust in Jesus alone for salvation, lies still attack in an effort to rob, kill and destroy your life and testimony while you continue the journey on earth. Sometimes the lies literally kill you – the suicide rate among our young people, including children of faith, is devastating.

However, there is hope. Jesus is the Truth. Jesus always speaks the Truth. Jesus will always tell you the Truth. Our God does not leave us defenseless in the battle but is always available to stand with us in the battle of deception. 

Those who are overcomers in the war believe that and cooperate with the Lord. Sadly, others think that, too, is a lie. I pray you can believe Jesus this week.

Pastor Jim 

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