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Had an individual ask me last week to explain “cast all your cares on Him.” Let me share how I responded.

Let’s say I am trying to carry a great, big heavy rock to the backyard for some landscaping project that Debbie decided would be really wonderful. Oh, what a pain it is to move that thing! Strains my back and arms, hurts my legs. I am sweating to the point of exhaustion, almost totally defeated because I have been working at this rock for hours now and have hardly moved it from the driveway where the dump truck initially put it. I am totally focused on this stupid rock and I want to give up.

Then Jesus steps into the yard and asks how things are going. I am tempted to ignore Him because I have this rock to move; but because He keeps gently asking, I tell Him about Debbie’s rock. Much to my surprise, He offers the use of His wagon, even offers to help lift the rock into the wagon; and, even more, says He’ll help pull the wagon to the backyard. I ponder this offer. The rock is still there and it still needs to go to the backyard, but my Friend will help and as we pull the wagon together I can talk to Him about Georgia football because maybe I won’t have to give all my attention to the rock. Great!

Wait. Can I trust Him? Is the wagon strong enough? Will we get the rock almost in the wagon and then Jesus will let go of His side so He can laugh at me? Will He really take the wagon to my backyard or will He pull it to someone else’s? Will He just go half way to the backyard then dump the rock on the ground and tell me the rest is up to me? Am I better off where I am right now? At least I know the situation and am not setting myself up for disappointment. Lots of stuff to think about. Lots of questions.

Finally, however, I decide to let Him help. Wow, what a difference! The rock is actually moving towards the backyard and we are free to talk about Georgia football while we pull the wagon together. We even laugh a little. But halfway to the destination, the neighbors start to bad mouth me and my Friend, saying what a wimp I am for needing help and that Jesus is not to be trusted. Suddenly I wonder so I tell Jesus I would like to carry the rock the rest of the way myself. He asks if I’m sure and I look to the faces of my neighbors – uh, yes, I am sure. Okay, He says. I tip the wagon over and start grunting at the rock again. He stands quietly. The neighbors are “cheering me on.” It looks and feels hopeless again.  

Suddenly, a few verses of scripture come to mind. I speak them out loud. “Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden.” “Cast your burdens on [me] for [I] care for you.” That’s funny, the neighbors shut up for a minute and I can hear the quiet voice of Jesus asking if I am sure I wouldn’t like some help with the rock. Yes, Lord, thank you. And we put the rock back on the wagon –and talk about Georgia football again.

So what are we to do with the problems, the “rocks” in our lives? Ignore the problems? No, that is denial. Let them consume our every waking moment, constantly talking, thinking and worrying about them? No. That has never been the Lord’s design. Instead, put the rocks in the wagon and let Him help pull it towards the backyard. And when the “neighbors” try to flood you with negative thoughts and lies, speak the words of truth. It keeps our eyes and attention on Jesus and how thankful we are that He offered His wagon.

Praying that many rocks get put in His wagon this week.

Pastor Jim 

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