A devotional thought for the week

Mirrors: Friends or Foes?

Sitting on the floor to the right of my desk is a very nice, framed mirror. It is actually a piece that you probably wouldn't mind having on a shelf or mantle in your home.  However, when I pick it up and put it on my desk in front of some clients, it can...

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Might be time to sharpen the axe

"Do you really want your children to grow up to be just like you?" Probably not. As you reflect on your own attitudes, words and behaviors there are undoubtedly some things, perhaps many things, that you absolutely do not want showing up in your children's lives. And...

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“I died for that, too”

Sometimes the process of ministry includes a specific direction from the Lord to look up scripture. Here is one such passage.  Isaiah 53:4-5: "Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and...

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Gideon’s two questions

Gideon is one of the great heroes of the Bible; a man who, in cooperation with God, leads an “army” of 300 men to incredible victory over an overwhelming army of 135,000 soldiers. It is an awesome story that ends in an unbelievable way! However, you might be surprised...

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Just Enough, Just In Time

Have you ever noticed how sometimes God seems to show up just in the nick of time? For example, take the nation of Israel as they are escaping 400 years of slavery in Egypt – they are backed up against the Red Sea with the army of Pharaoh pressing in from behind –...

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Relationships, not barns

I spent most of last week near Seattle, helping my parents make final arrangements to move to a retirement center. Dad is 92, mom is 87 and the corruptible nature of the body is catching up with them both. They came to this decision themselves and, in fact, my mom is...

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