18:25 Young Adults

New Generation Of Leaders


Young adult time is a critical bridge between youth and adulthood. It’s the time that most people start a career, meet their future spouse, and most importantly, decide where they stand with God.

18:25 Young Adults is an environment where we CONNECT by embracing one another, GROW by studying God’s Words together and keeping each other accountable, and SERVE by living out our faith together. And we become the NEW GENERATION OF LEADERS while doing so.

Our name 18:25 Young Adults come from the fact that we are 18 – 25 years of age. Our verse comes from Exodus 18:25 “He chose capable men (and women) from all Israel and made them leaders of people.”

What to Expect

When you arrive at 7PM, we have a little time to hang out and catch up for 15 minutes or so. If you are new, you will get to meet some of us during this time. Then we will gather together to have a time of worship and conversation based study.  We do not judge anyone for their opinions or belief, and we don’t intimidate new or non-Christians with Christian jargons. So this is a perfect place to bring your un-churched friends. We strive to live purposeful lives and serve others.  We went to Passion 2016 and 2017 together.  There are other social events such as Christmas Party, Summer BBQ Party and many more.


Every Fridays at 7PM


Post High School Graduates – 25ish year old single young adults.


Avalon Church Main Auditorium

Current Study

Starting Point

Current Study

Starting Point (Every Friday at 7PM: Feb 24 – Apr 14)

Everything has a starting point.  Even faith has a starting point.  Your faith has a starting point.  In this 8 week study, we will have conversations about faith and experience community in a small group of 8 – 10 people.  Find out for yourself if this God really exist and has anything to say about our lives.  Feel free to ask any question you want.  Come and meet the leaders (your peers) and other young adults taking this journey together.  Feel free to drop in even if you did not start from the week 1.

18:25 Leadership Team

18:25 Leaders:

Phillip – 321-945-9324 |  phillip.han@avalonchurch.org

Joanna – 321-945-9310 |  joanna.piano@gmail.com

Rod Choi – 610.742.3946 |  rkmkc@verizon.net

Kris Choi – 610.742.1891 |  rkchoi@aol.com