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Connecting with our Neighbors


Relationships are the most valuable commodity in the world. The whole reason Jesus came into the world was to address the problem that was preventing us from having a full and intimate relationship with God.

But sometimes it seems hard to make connections with others. We are surrounded by people but there often seems to be an unseen gap we cannot reach across. That is where “bridges” come into play.

We believe one of the best ways to “bridge the gap” is to serve or serve with the people in the community. There are an unlimited number of opportunities in Avalon Park and the surrounding communities to build bridges, from simply sharing with our neighbors at an Avalon Park event (like Avalon Aglow) to sponsoring a community event of our own (like the Harvest Festival).

Everyone can be a “bridge builder”!


This page is a dynamic page — meaning that the opportunities will be many and varied, regularly scheduled and periodic.

Come back often to see what is happening now or planned for the days ahead.

The More info links contain details about the event and ways to signup.

Outreach Directors:

Mauricio Campos –

Jennifer Campos –

Word on the Street
Homeless Ministry

Every week Word on the Street focus is to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to and help meet the basic daily needs of the unsheltered homeless and those living in the poorest conditions in the Orlando area with our primary emphasis on (but not limited to) East Orlando.

You can help make a difference in the lives of the the homeless be a part of this ministry by preparing an entree to serve at the Sunday meals that take place each Sunday.

More info and signup

Jesus Loves You,
Love Him Back

This is the homeless feeding in downtown Orlando every Monday night.

We meet at the Avalon Church parking lot to follow in cars to the two downtown locations where they feed: Under the 408 bridge on Parramore Ave. and then outside of the Coalition for the Homeless.

The serving time is 5:00pm- 7:30pm.

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