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Many people describe our lives as stories. We are the characters, performing on life’s stage. Some parts of our story are sad, some happy, but for the most part, our stories end up being pretty boring… the mundane daily activities of our life take over what could be a captivating, brilliant, edge of our seat journey.

Women’s stories involve many different facets; there are single women that may hold down full time jobs; single moms that do the same plus have the difficult task of raising little ones. There are married women, some with children, some without. But every woman, regardless of what is happening in their “story” has one common need: relationships.

What To Expect

The Womens’ Ministry of Avalon Church seeks to facilitate and nurture that important aspect of women’s stories. We want to see women’s relationships deepen and grow: relationships with other women, with children, with spouses, with family, and most of all, with Christ.

A woman’s story of life is important. We can strive to have a good story, a story people will talk about long after we’re gone. The Womens’ Ministry wants to assist you in improving your life’s story; no matter where you are in your story, it can be better! There can be more! Further, we want to invite you into our story…a story that will bring you hope, joy, love, and fun!

The Womens’ Ministry offers weekly Bible Studies as well as activities throughout the year.

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