The Seniors ministry purpose is to provide helping services and ministry to seniors within the Avalon Church membership and the Avalon community. There are many seniors within our community and they have much to offer. Once we retire either voluntarily or for health reasons, loneliness can lead to hopelessness without the presence of Jesus in our lives. Our ministry seeks to help seniors find the Lord but we understand it is the Lord who saves. We do this by helping seniors, sometimes through direct service and through group activities that bring us together as a family in Christ. By serving others, we are served and the seniors ministry motto is that “Service Never Grows Old”.

What to Expect

Every two months and sometimes more often a social event is organized ranging from ice cream socials to ballroom dancing lessons. We have recently committed to two devotionals to be held at the new Encore Assisted Living Center each month and welcome participation from the entire Avalon Church family. Anyone of any age can serve seniors in our community. We are anxious to work with other ministries at Avalon Church to bring about a full range of service opportunities.