Sunday Service | Avalon Church
Join us we look at the story of Josiah in 2 Chronicles, seeing how when they hear the truth about how far they have fallen, the entire nation repents. It's never too late!
In this message, we continue our series learning together from the life of King Hezekiah and how it is never too late, especially when we pray for the lost.
Manasseh was the worst king the kingdom of Judah had ever seen. Yet, God was not done with him. Let’s dive into this truly “Never too late” story that gives hope to all of us!
The Old Testament is a story desperate for a conclusion. This introductory message to the book of Chronicles demonstrates that the story finds its fulfillment in Jesus.
Praising the Lord is not the default setting at birth. Once we have full awareness of our "default settings" we learn how to have joy in the everyday. Join us as we challenge ourselves to change our default settings.
What will our new normal look like? No one knows. But like he did with the Samaritan woman, Jesus invites us to walk with him into the unknown… together.
The human situation is way worse than we thought. But there’s hope in Jesus - if we’ll “glue” ourselves to Him.