Atheism, Vibrations, and Repentance. | Avalon Church

Growing up I was a kid who was not forced to go to church, and my parents were not believers. I had decided when I was 9 years old that God does not exist, that it was a coping mechanism fro weak people, and that anything and everything can be explained scientifically. I was a passionate young atheist. Science was my god. About a year late I was diagnosed with a benign tumor in my sinus cavity, putting severe pressure on my eye, not allowing me to breath through my nose, and inflamed my face while moving my eye off-center on my face. This lasted for many months before I received my first surgery. The doctors had never seen a tumor this big, this resilient, and in such a strange inaccessible location. After my first surgery to attempt to get rid of it, the tumor re-grew and grew fast. I was put in insane discomfort and the doctors did not know how they were going to remove all of it. I was eleven years old. In the midst of trying to figure this whole situation out, I went to go visit my father for Christmas who lived in Tennessee. Christmas day at about 1am, I was still awake sleeping on the couch in the living room, crying from the discomfort of the tumor in my face, and crying even more from the fear of potential death if any surgery goes wrong. That night, my sister Melissa came out that night to get some water and heard me crying on the couch. She was there to comfort me, she prayed for me and asked me what I believed would happen when I died. She reassured me telling me of the grace of Jesus, an idea that I had rejected. But when she began praying for me, she was doing so with such vigor and passion. She began vibrating. It was nothing I had ever seen before or since. a pure illogical involuntary movement just from her faith, her love for her younger brother, and from the Spirit. At that moment I decided to give my life to Jesus, allowed him to clean me of my wrongs and my inequities. I decided then that no matter how much longer I have, I wanted to use it to get to know Christ more. I had four more surgeries, the final being a craniotomy where they had to open my skull to remove the tumor. Each surgery after that day just filled me with more and more peace, and contentment. I’m fully healed to this day, and I plan to use my story to connect to those going through difficult times, to better minister for God’s kingdom.

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