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We have lived in USA for 15 years. I have seen God working my whole life, but those last 15 years are not the same. My family is true living proof that God works in a miracle way that our human mind can not imagine.

I want to focus in 2 stories. I grew up in a dysfunctional family, kind of. My mom was a Christian, my dad was an alcoholic. I prayed for him my whole life. Sometimes he would come to church, but most of the time  he was  drunk and embarrassed me .

Anyway, my dream was seeing him become transformed and a believer. In 2011 he had a stroke. I rushed to Brazil to be with him and help my brother. When I got to the hospital, he didn’t recognized me. I stayed with him that night. In the middle of the night he woke up, looked me and start asking about the kids and Carlos. His right side was completely paralyzed. At that moment, I talked to him, I shared the Gospel and I told him that God wanted to save him, but he need to confess his sins and ask for forgiveness and ask God thru Jesus Christ to be his savior. He did, I pray with him and he asked Jesus to come to his life and forgive him.

We talked a little more and he fell asleep. When he woke up again, he didn’t recognized me anymore. I truly believe that God opened that window so my dad could make the decision. I believe what the Bible says, if with you tongue you confess you will be saved. He spend his last year of life in a rehab center. Even though they divorced when I was 13 yeas old, My mom as well as and my brother took care of him. Every time they were there, I called and talked with him. He had this one year to grow his faith in Jesus Christ. My brother said that was the year that God allowed us to create a new memories for his kids and for himself.

He passed away on December 18 of 2012. I always prayed ( in private) telling God that the only thing I want was for him to be saved. I promised God that if he was saved, I would not go to Brazil to see his dead body. When my mom called me, the first thing she said was your dad passed and I can guarantee he is with Jesus. We testified his change and his faith.

The other story is when I interviewed for my citizenship. After I passed the test  the officer asked me for some documents. I mailed them to him. For some reason, they didn’t get it. Long  story short, they denied my case. There was a month fighting to reverse the decision, since I had proof  that I did it on time.

Anyway, I didn’t have time to start the process again. One morning, I could not hold it in anymore, I was in my car, and I started crying. I could not control myself. I started talking to God and asked Him, “Why? Why me? I always do everything right.”

When i finally stopped crying, I started my car and that is when I heard, “I know who goes before me, I know who stands behind me, the God angel armies is always by my side, the one who reigns forever. He is a friend of mine, the God of Angel armies is always by my side.” So I stopped and I asked, “Are you saying that You are with me? Are You saying, in the middle of this mess, You still in control? Are You saying, I don’t need to worry because you are dealing with the immigration? I want to believe, and I will rest in this Promise. I will wait.” I said that on July 29, 2016.

From that day I stopped worrying, I truly gave it to God. The next week, we were working in a house of a lady who cancer and she was planing her funeral already. She told me that day that her doctors told her to do that.

Talking to her, I asked, “Are you prepared for when you open your eyes in the other side, when you will be in front of God?” And she said, “Oh honey, I m an atheist.“

Then I remembered what just happened with me and how God spoke with me. I shared with her. And i said, “He is real, He spoke with me.”

I invited her to talk to Him. At the end of our conversation, when I was saying good-bye, she looked me and pull her scarf off of her head and she said, “How can He love me love me like this?”

I could feel God’s presence in that room, I told her, “I can see him, right next to you just waiting for you to ask him to come into your life.”

She smiled and said, “Thank you,” and that her husband was a Christian.

She passed away a month later. I learned that God love the lost so much, and he wants to save them. We need to have our eyes, heart and mind open to see how God want to use the situations.

On August 11, 2016, I got a call from the officer that interviewed me. He talked to make sure that I got a letter for the citizenship ceremony on August 12th of 2016. He even said sorry,  he said my documents never left the mail room, they found it sitting there.

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