People, not projects. Relationship Matters | Avalon Church

This new series hits home for me. I first accepted Christ at 13, which was unusual, as I was raised in a “works” type faith. It was in a catechism class. And boy, how I exercised my faith! However, I had no real foundation. About a year after graduation, I joined the Navy, and, oh boy- not pretty when one doesn’t have a foundation and the “pleasures of the world” are served up on a silver platter… I found my way back to Jesus, got married and walked with Him for the years of my marriage. My husband’s feelings were hurt by someone in the church and he walked away from the faith… And a few years later from his wife and two children (3 years old and 8 months old). I turned my back on Jesus, yet again, because, in my faulty thinking, I had done everything right, I checked all the boxes. I mistakenly thought that if I did x,y, and z, naturally I would have the “blessings” God “owed” me. (Yeah, I know, stupid). It was in that desert that I raised my kids. Remarrying, and miserable for much of the early years of my marriage. When my son was 16, he started to go to youth group at a local church. (Yes, because of a girl he liked, lol). Her family, the Peterkorts,  poured into him and soon, he accepted Jesus. He would invite me to church every Sunday, every Sunday, I’d refuse, for about a year. He continued to grow in his faith, and the Peterkort family, dad, mom, and daughters, continued to pour into his life. I finally agreed to go to church with him on Mother’s Day 2001. It was like coming home. I have not looked back. I’m so thankful that my Savior, no matter the bad choices, can transform a life. And use relationship to do it. Because of their love, patience, and faith pouring into the life of a young man, my son, my life was transformed after running away from Jesus two times. I will be ever thankful to the Peterkort family for all those years of pouring truth into my son. He wasn’t a project to them, he was a soul to be invested in. In turn, their investment in him gave me my life back- not to live for myself this time, but for Christ. The Peterkorts are family to my son (and me) to this day.

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