“Seeking a Fulfilling Life” by Mike Wicker | Avalon Church

Have you ever seen a performer trying to spin several plates at the same time? That was a good description of my life as a young man.

I tried many routes for seeking satisfaction in life. First I tried being religious. I was a good altar boy. At least on Sundays I was good. But the rest of the week was another story. I realized religion wasn’t the solution to my deepest longing. I tried academics. I received several awards in high school. But I discovered that good grades and awards did not bring me true happiness. I loved sports, so I tried to make a name for myself through football, hockey & baseball. Even though I was pretty good, the success did not bring the satisfaction I longed for. I had a girlfriend in high school. But this relationship was like a roller coaster & did not bring me consistent fulfillment in life. I had a good job during my University years & made lots of money in sales. But, it never brought the satisfaction I desired.

One day, before an engineering class at the University of Minnesota, two students approached me & asked if they could share a booklet that described a relationship with God. They talked about their contentment every day, that Jesus had given them real joy. I considered what they said. Eventually I realized that I wanted what they had. A few months later, I decided to allow Christ to be Savior and Lord of my life.

Almost immediately I saw changes in my life. My habit of worrying about the future began to change. My relationship with friends & workmates were realigned. I was more peaceful on the outside & inside. I developed a growing desire to know more about God, and about how to really follow Him. I learned how much He loved me, and how He had sent His Son to die for me so that I could have real life in Him. My longing for meaning and purpose in life was finally satisfied.

Through the years I have experienced many ups and downs filled with the thrill of , victory & the agony of defeat. But the deep satisfaction and peace that I found through knowing Jesus Christ as a young University engineering student has never left me. He has truly never disappointed me.

Remember trying to keep all those plates spinning? I have found that with God’s help through Jesus, I can have a balanced and fruitful life. Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” Only Jesus could satisfy my deepest longing and give me that everlasting life.

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